Laura Gill, a Colorado native, received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and has always been interested in the human body, anatomy, movement and the role nutrition plays in health. She discovered Pilates through a friend and she was immediately hooked. 

Laura’s Pilates instructor at the time…a Romana Kryzanowska trained instructor, was running a certification program and Laura excitedly enrolled. She received her certification in 2004 from Pilates of Cherry Creek and her training was classically based.  After receiving her Pilates certification, Laura moved to California where she was exposed to even more varieties of the Pilates movement. 

When working with clients, Laura loves to tailor the workouts to her specific clients’ needs and she enjoys mixing classical based Pilates with a more modern style.  She offers a new and innovative approach to the Pilates Method.  Laura wants her clients to stay motivated and continue to be passionate about the Pilates Method. 

Laura has been teaching for 12 years and she is still very excited about the evolution of Pilates and how it continues to metamorphose to incorporate all types of bodies.